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If You Could Time Travel, Where (Or When) Would You Go?

Posted by on March 11, 2013

Time Warp!

I’m no physicist, so I take Einstein’s word for it that his Theory of Relativity proves that time travel is possible. At least theoretically.

But, as Stephen Hawking has pointed out, if time travel really is possible, then why is it we have never been visited by people from the future?

Some scientists argue that traveling backwards in time is impossible because of what they call the “grandfather paradox,” which introduces the idea of someone traveling back in time, killing his own grandfather before his father was conceived, therefore making his own existence impossible.

I can’t even attempt to answer any these questions, but what I can say is this: if I could time travel, I would wouldn’t go to the future, I would go back to the past, and try to correct some of the mistakes I ‘ve made in my life.

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