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If You Could Time Travel, Where (Or When) Would You Go?

I’m no physicist, so I take Einstein’s word for it that his Theory of Relativity proves that time travel is possible. At least theoretically. But, as Stephen Hawking has pointed out, if time travel really is possible, then why is it we have never been visited by people from the future? Some scientists argue that … Continue reading »

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You Calling Me a Chicken?

Wish you had the keen eyesight of a hawk on the lacrosse field? Try wearing a hawk feather in your hair. At least that’s what the ancient Native Americans did to improve their eyesight for lacrosse games. To run faster, they also wore the tails of horses or wolves. And to gain the power to … Continue reading »

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Love Your Favorite Football Team Enough to Bet Your Wife and Kids on a Game?

What would you think if your best friend bet his wife and kids on the outcome of the Super Bowl game? Assume he’d lost his mind?  Suggest he seek counseling for an obviously out-of-control gambling addiction? If it seems inconceivable, think again. Think back a few centuries, to a time when lacrosse was more than … Continue reading »

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Hunter Crispian – The Trailer

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